Stained-glass windows

Ancient species of monumental art (along with frescoes and mosaics), – paintings of colored glass that transmits light. They are inserted into the window openings, converted into illuminated decorative panels are mounted in the door panels, grilles. Stained glass windows adorn the ceiling skylights, shutters screens, table tops, and even lampshades, as stained glass comes alive only when it penetrates the light. Ordering stained glass, discussing with artist the details it’s details, remember that between a sketch, cardboard and the end result is always a significant visual difference. The sketch cannot and should not show final effect. Therefore it would be correct to understand the general idea of future work and trust vision, intuition, talent and experience of the artist. For many people uniqueness is in the first place. Stained glass allows you to select and highlight your personality. However, some techniques (Tiffany, fusing, etc.) silently shows a certain level of wealth, as well as some aristocratic owners. Stained-glass windows of any complexity can be ordered in the workshop RosVitrazh